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Specially Selected Pork is the flagship brand of the pork industry in Scotland and is assured from farm to fork.

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On the Farm

Specially Selected Pork is the flagship brand of the pork industry in Scotland. Specially Selected Pork comes from pigs that have been assured all of their lives.

Specially Selected Pork is sourced from farms that meet stringent criteria including animal welfare and natural production methods from within Quality Meat Scotland’s Pig Assurance standards.

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Pork Cuts Guide

Specially Selected Pork is perfect for every occasion and the varied amount of cuts that pork can provide mean that it is ideal for the whole family. Specially Selected Pork also adopts very easily to a range of marinades and quick cooking techniques and is therefore very popular for Eastern cuisine.

Perhaps Britain’s favourite, however, is a slow roasted loin of pork – complete with delicious crispy crackling and apple sauce. Take a butchers at our comprehensive cuts guide for a guide on how to get the most out of your pork from nose to tail!

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