Specially Selected Pork is the flagship brand of the pork industry in Scotland. When you see the Specially Selected Pork label on pack it is your guarantee that the pork has been assured for the whole of its life.

Specially Selected Pork is sourced from farms that meet stringent criteria including animal welfare and natural production methods from within Quality Meat Scotland’s Pig Assurance standards.

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is the public body responsible for helping the Scottish red meat sector promote Specially Selected Pork, whilst maintaining the highest standards in Scotland’s red meat industry. Our whole chain assurance scheme means only animals that meet our stringent assurance standards are eligible to be classed as Specially Selected Pork.


Specially Selected Pork Approved by the Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA is Scotland’s animal welfare charity and works in partnership with Quality Meat Scotland and Specially Selected Pork to ensure the very highest of welfare standards. The Scottish SPCA works independently from QMS and highlights the priority on high welfare within the Specially Selected Pork brand.

Pig farms within QMS Pig Assurance Scheme are regularly inspected by the Scottish SPCA and this means that whenever you see the logo below it is your guarantee that the highest welfare standards are met from the farm to fork.

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