Specially Selected Pork is the flagship brand of the pork industry in Scotland. Specially Selected Pork comes from pigs that have been assured all of their lives.

To be assured all their lives, pigs in Scotland are covered by the scheme which ensures livestock is reared to Quality Meat Scotland’s Farm Assurance Standards which provide full traceability and Scotland’s pig farmers are committed to high welfare farming practices backed up by Specially Selected Pork’s approved by the Scottish SPCA status.

The QMS Assurance Schemes are some of the longest running schemes of their kind in the world. Our schemes covers the entire lifespan of animals and as well as the farms include the feed, auction markets, transport and processing sectors.

Generations of animal husbandry skills underpin the production of Specially Selected Pork. What this all means is that you the customer can be sure that the product you are buying is of the highest quality.